Body and Brazilian wax
Brazilian wax

Lunasol is certified by Japan Brazilian Wax Association. We were the first salon to introduce Brazilian waxing in Nishi-Tama area and have over 7 years experience in Brazilian waxing. We make sure our clients are satisfied and to leave happy with our waxing service. We also do free waxing consultation on phone and emails by our waxing technicians! Please feel free to contact us.

Brazilian wax

Brazilian wax for women

    STRIP WAXING is accomplished by spreading a sticky substance-like wax thinly and carefully over the desired area of skin and than covered with a gentle cloth or paper strip that is patiently pressed on the top surface of skin and hair, than quickly pulled off with the general growth of the hair direction.

    HARD WAXING is a melted wax that is applied with no cloth or strip but, instead hardens over a small period of time when completely cooled. One corner of the surface of the skin is gently lifted and the remainder is than patiently pulled, taking your un-wanted hair with it!


lPL Lazer Hair Removal

Introducing the topic high-speed hair removal machine, all menu gentle technology, low price was realized. Let's say goodbye to the trouble of unwanted hair with flash hair removal which is outstanding effect.


Lazer Services


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Threading services


Only at Lunasol! Sit back and relax in our luxury reclining seats and enjoy a luxurious foot spa treatment and gel manicure at the same time. We have treatments for damaged nails from gels and foot spa treatments. You can choose from a natural look, color, or a variety of nail art designs with our simple price list.


Gel nails

  • *all Gel nails menu are includes cuticle work




The others


Lunasol is Licensed & Certified eyelash extension salon. We have Silk, Mink, Sable eyelashes extensions with a variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses to chose from. Dramatic eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger, or natural soft look, we are going to give you the exact look you want!


Eyelash permanent

Eyelash extensions

Eyelashes Refill

Within 2weeks

Within 3weeks

IPL Facial

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IPL Facial services


We have a lot of treatments that have recently attracted a lot of attention in the Japanese esthetic business. Cavitation (similar to liposuction without the danger of any incision), Gua sha massage (anti aging and face slimming treatment), Lymphatic detox body massage, face and body alignment therapy, and massages to relive tiredness. Payment’s can be paid in installments.


Cavitation & Radio waves

    This Therapy reduces cellulite and slims target areas. Cavitation is a very popular therapy and is similar to liposuction without the danger of any incision. Cavitation, radio waves and Lunasol’s original massage works together to effectively to reduce body fat. Cavitation’s special ultrasonic waves ruptures the fat cell membrane and decreases the fat cells. This therapy causes the cellulite to naturally exit the body via urine and bowel movements. It reduces swelling, makes your skin tighter to prevent sagging and gives you a better body shape.

    - Body parts
    Back / Stomach / Buttox / Hips / Quadriceps (upper leg-front)
    /Hamstrings (upper leg-back) / Calf / Triceps (upper arm-back)

Meridian lymphatic massage
- Full body oil massage

For women
For men

3D intestine
bowel therapy

This therapy was created in summer 2010. It’s purpose is to reduce constipation and reduce the waistline. The waistline reduction can be seen from the front, the sides and the back.


Face slimming treatment
Cleansing → face wash → Gua sha massage → Facial lymph massage → Decollete lymph massage → Face pack → Skin conditioning
(Gua sha massage)
Gua sha massage will promote the circulation of lymph and free any restrictions within the lymphatic system by using gua sha stone.

For women
For men

Other Facial Options
bowel therapy

Clay pack will tighten up the pores of your skin and eliminate dead skin cells to smooth your skin’s surface. Prevents skin dullness, acne and dark pores, reduces keratin, and can be used for whitening.

Immediate result! Slimmer face, softer glowing skin, skin whitening, prevents wrinkles and sagging skin. Once the plaster starts to dry it will begin to get warm. This improve blood circulation reduce facial swelling. lifts up your face line when plaster is hard.